Hospice and Home Visits

When you and your pet cannot make it to our hospital, our veterinarian and trained technicians can come to you! These visits are especially suited for:

•Pets that are nervous or anxious within the hospital setting
•Multiple pet households
•Behavior consults
•When your own health or mobility prevents you from getting to our hospital
•End of life care and humane euthanasia

Whether it is for a sick visit or Wellness care, you can expect the same high quality care at your home as you would receive at our hospital. For your appointment, a time will be arranged that works both for you and our veterinarian to come to your house. Based on the symptoms of your pet, our veterinary team will bring equipment to perform a full physical examination, obtain laboratory samples, and prescribe basic medications.

Appointments that cannot be performed at your home are:
•Radiographs (x-rays)
•Intravenous fluids or hospitalization
•Emergency visits or care of critically ill animals
•Procedures that would require sedation or anesthesia

At Hilltop Animal Hospital, we understand that the end of your pet’s life can be a very difficult time for both you and them. As the time gets close, our veterinarian can help you understand what to expect as your pet ages and as diseases progress. We can also help to set standards for your pet’s quality of life to help you know when it is time to say goodbye.

To make this transition as smooth as possible, our first goal is to understand what you envision at the end of your pet’s life, whether that is euthanasia at home or at our hospital. Our veterinarian will discuss with you and your family what to expect at the end of life. You will also have the choice if you want to be present or not. We work closely with a local pet crematory service to have your pet’s body privately cremated. You can choose either to receive their ashes back or have them scattered at the memorial grounds. We are here to help you with whatever it is that you need to make your pet’s passing as easy as possible!


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  • "The best. Dr Scotty Gibbs always takes the time to comfort our dogs and us. Have gone there for years. Would not want to go anywhre else"
    Sandy Brink
  • "Dr Gibbs & all the Staff at Hilltop are gifted, talented, caring, and amazing. It would be hard to find a better veterinary clinic."
    Steve Holbrooks