What is Wellness?

One of the most common misconceptions in pet care is that animals only need to visit a veterinarian if they are ill, or when they need to be spayed, neutered, or vaccinated. However, pets are like humans — they, too, need to be seen annually (or more frequently if recommended by your veterinarian) for wellness check ups.

small dog receiving vaccinations at Hilltop Animal Hospital Wellness visits can identify changes in your furry friend's health and spot any problems early on, before they become too serious or difficult to manage. At Hilltop Animal Hospital, our Fuquay Varina veterinarian offers the following yearly wellness services: 

Complete Physical Exam

Every year, your pet will receive a full physical exam by one of our experienced and caring veterinarians. We will look at your pet's overall physical health, and ask questions about their medical history, lifestyle, and diet. Obtaining as much information as possible about your pet is crucial to compiling a complete picture of their overall health.

Once we've evaluated your pet's overall health, we will create a care plan for them based on their individual condition. We may make recommendations to increase or decrease their activity level, make changes to their diet, have a dental exam and cleaning, or simply continue annual check ups.

Annual Vaccinations

Rabies vaccinations are required by law for pets, and there are other vaccinations that are also important for their health. At every wellness exam, we will administer the state-required vaccinations, as well as make recommendations for additional vaccines based on your pet's current health status and lifestyle. We believe that prevention is key, and vaccines can help you keep your pet healthy and happy throughout their life.


The CDC and Companion Animal Parasite Council recommends de-worming in many cases. We can evaluate your pet to determine if de-worming is necessary at this stage. Often, prophylactic or strategic de-worming will be recommended; we can provide you with education about it, and complete in our office quickly and easily with no trauma or stress to your pet.

Lab Work, Fecal Testing, and Additional Diagnostic Testing

In some cases, an animal will require lab work, fecal testing, or additional diagnostic testing. In most cases, lab work or fecal testing can be completed on the day of your pet's wellness examination. However, depending on what is required, we may ask to keep your pet overnight in order to facilitate additional diagnostic testing and keep your pet as comfortable as possible while we perform these tests.

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Make sure your pet stays in optimal health by bringing them in to see our Fuquay Varina veterinarians every year for a complete wellness check up. We care about your pet's total health, and our veterinarians will work with you to provide your pet with the comprehensive services needed to ensure that your furry friend stays healthy and happy. Call today for an appointment at (919) 567-9700.


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