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Fuquay Varina Veterinarian: Our Wellness Exam

Hilltop Animal Hospital knows the value of family. Our Fuquay Varina veterinarian is committed the community as well as treating your precious pets like one of the family. We know that pets can sometimes get nervous or anxious when placed in an unfamiliar environment, so we really strive to make them feel at home while they're in our care. Whether you're simply coming in for your pet's wellness exam or you want to address a specific problem, our staff members and your pet will be good friends by the time you're ready to leave. We feel strongly about building lasting relationships and that sentiment includes doing our best to bond with your pet.


What Are Wellness Exams?

A wellness exam is basically a physical examination for your pet. Just as you visit your primary care physician for regular checkups, your pet goes to his veterinarian for a full examination aimed at ensuring his optimal health. Doing this on a regular basis can be extremely helpful in staving off illness, disease and other preventable conditions. Unlike "sick" visits, a wellness exam focuses on maintaining what is, hopefully, already good health.

What Should You Expect at a Pet Wellness Exam?

Most wellness exams follow a set pattern of health checks, including:

  • Filling out a questionnaire about your pet's appetite, behavior, habits and general lifestyle
  • A hands-on physical exam and manipulation of extremities
  • Observation of your pet's skin, hair, abdomen, mouth and teeth
  • Listening to your pet's pulse, heartbeat and lungs

Additionally, depending on the pet's specific breed, age and physical condition, the doctor may also suggest certain tests, lab work or exercises. 

How Often Must Your Pet Come in for a Wellness Exam?

For the most part, frequency of wellness visits depends on your pet's age and health. For puppies, vets generally recommend once a month visits. For adult pets, annual check-ups are usually sufficient, unless there is a specific health issue to address. Sometimes, especially with geriatric pets, vets recommend going for a wellness visit every six months. Once you discuss your pet's overall health and lifestyle with our knowledgeable Hilltop vet we can determine the most appropriate schedule for wellness visits.

Make an Appointment

The best way to help our vets get to know your pet and determine how best to treat his specific issues, is to plan a visit! Call us to today so we can schedule your pet's wellness exam and start on the road to becoming part of your pet's caring, extended family.

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