Ear Mites

Treatment For Ear Mites In Fuquay Varina

Ear mites are bothersome little bugs that are similar to spiders. While they are tiny, almost microscopic, they can be among the most uncomfortable parasites to have. Here at HillTop Animal Hospital, our veterinarian in Fuquay Varina can treat dogs and cats who have ear mites.


What Are Ear Mites?

These spider-like bugs can find their way into the ears of your pet when he or she comes into contact with another infected animal, such as playing with each other or sharing a bedding. Once the insects get inside the ears of your furry animal, they lay eggs and multiply rapidly. You can get an indication that there is a problem when your dog or cat shake its head frequently or scratch at its ears. In some cases, the area around the ear can become raw from the constant scratching. You may also notice a foul-smelling brown substance that looks a lot like coffee grounds inside the ear of your pet.


Constant itching is a major problem with ear mites. If your pet frequently scratches his or her ear, it can lead to problems like open wounds, infections, and abrasions. It is important to have a vet determine if there are ear mites present to prevent these problems from happening.

Veterinary Treatment for Ear Mites

Your veterinarian will first diagnose the problem by using an otoscope, which is a piece of equipment that allows vets to examine the inside of the ear. Then, we will clean the ear of your animal and apply veterinary-approved medicine in him or her ear, such as selamectin or moxidectin. If your pet has another infection due to the frequent scratching, we will prescribe you medication to treat it.

If you have other pets in the house, we highly suggest that you check their ears as well and wash any bedding that your animals share in hot water and dry it completely.

To prevent ear mites, we recommend that you use anti-parasite topical, which can be applied monthly, and keep your animal’s ears clean. If you have questions about how to keep the ears clean, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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