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Even pets require emergency care from time to time. When someone's pet has an emergency situation, this can be a stressful experience. Pet owners are wondering how their loved one got sick and what needs to be done to fix the situation. Fortunately, the helpful team at Hilltop Animal Hospital has some information regarding emergency situations for pet owners. This can help people in the Fuquay Varina area better understand what is happening to their furry friend. 

The Vomiting Pet

One of the most common situations that a vet sees is an animal that is vomiting. Like people, there are numerous reasons why their dog or cat might be vomiting. Some pets may have ingested something poisonous. Other animals might have had a recent change in diet that has upset their stomach. Regardless of the reason, we can get to the bottom of why your loved one is sick.

A Broken Limb

Pets can sometimes break their limbs as well. We have the equipment necessary to take an image of the limb, figure out where the problem lies and set the limb to help get your pet on the road to recovery.

A Laceration

Another common condition that a veterinarian is used to seeing comes in the form of a laceration. Some scrapes and bruises are expected; however, when the laceration won't stop bleeding, it is time for a professional in veterinary medicine to address the situation. We have the tools necessary to stop the bleeding, close the cut, and ensure that your loved one will recover quickly.

Pets can have Seizures

Finally, pets can also have seizures. A seizure takes place when the neurons in the brain start to fire uncontrollably. In this case, the animal may start convulsing and will look confused afterward. This can be extremely scary for a pet owner and can happen for any number of reasons. This requires the immediate attention of an emergency vet specialist.

Visit the Professionals Today

Everyone needs to know that emergency care from a trained veterinarian is available. At Hilltop Animal Hospital, we are here to provide expert veterinary care to everyone in the Fuquay Varina area. Anyone who has questions or concerns regarding emergency animal care should call us today to learn more. We would be honored to help you and your pets.


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