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Pet insurance is one of the fastest growing areas of veterinary care. But is it right for you? Four to five years ago that answer was pretty easy. Probably not. What you paid out in premiums wasn't worth the benefits received. However, three things are changing that may influence how we are looking at pet insurance.

1.Better medicine – advances in available treatments have made very high end human health care tools available to us in veterinary care. We can literally prolong the quality and quantity of life in pets in ways we simply couldn't before. Those options, however, are not inexpensive.

2.Increasing costs – the cost of human healthcare is increasing and that is trickling down to our industry. The drugs, supplies and equipment that are used in human care can also be used in veterinary care.

3.Better plans – Pet insurance is just like health, car and home insurance. It's there in case you need it. Hopefully you don't. However, the plans in the past just weren't comprehensive enough, and were also complicated and difficult to administer. A few companies are really figuring it out and coming out with plans that our easier to manage, get more timely payouts and provide more comprehensive coverage.


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