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Hilltop Animal Hospital in Fuquay Varina, NC, is one of the leading veterinary practices in the area. We treat pets with all types of conditions, including pet diabetes. We have experience treating both cats and dogs with diabetes and helping them lead healthy and happy lives. Treatment is effective and relatively simple for most pets with pet diabetes. Read on to learn more about the causes and treatment for this common condition.


Causes of Pet Diabetes

The most common cause for pet diabetes is obesity. Pets have this in common with humans, as adult-onset diabetes in humans is often brought on by diabetes. However, obesity is not the only cause of pet diabetes. There are several, less common causes. Your veterinarian can learn more about the potential cause of your pet's diabetes by examining and running tests on your pet. They will also interview you about any symptoms you may have noticed. Just as the causes of diabetes in pets can be similar the causes of diabetes in humans, the treatment is also similar.

Treatment for Pet Diabetes

As you may already know, diabetes is treated by injections of insulin in humans. Sometimes, humans are fitted with an insulin pump, but this is not an option for pets. Pets with diabetes must be regularly injected with insulin. We can supply you with the insulin that your pet needs and show you how to perform these injections in the most effective and least painful method for your pet. Many owners originally have some trepidation about injecting their pet with insulin, but both the owner and their pet tend to get used to the injections. In time, you will be able to inject your pet quickly and efficiently without stressing out our hurting them 

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