Pet Urgent Care

Pets can get injured, they can eat things that hurt them or that are poison, and they can need urgent care just like humans. With the right veterinarian to provide urgent care, your pet can come back from nearly anything. For those in the Fuquay Varina area, Hilltop Animal Hospital is a great option.


What Is Pet Urgent Care?

Urgent care for pets is any service or visit that is either immediate, emergency, or that involves trauma and the need to move quickly. The need for urgent care can be the result of an injury or accident, it can be the result of your pet eating something they should not have, or any other form of injury or illness that requires swift action and immediate care. When our pets are injured or unwell, we just want them to feel better. Urgent care is not something that animals will need every time they go to the vet, but it is certainly something that all pets need from time to time.

What Constitutes the Need for Urgent Care?

There are any number of things that might constitute the need for urgent care. Your pets can be injured, they may be very ill, perhaps they ate something that is poisonous to them, or they are just unwell and you do not think that the pet can wait until the next day or later to make a normal vet visit. In cases of trauma, your pet is certainly going to need emergency urgent care. The right pet services can make all the difference when it comes to that split-second decision and making sure that your pet is going to get well and stay well.

Does Your Pet Need Urgent Care?

It is hard to tell pet owners that their pets do or do not need urgent care. It truly is up to the pet parent as to whether or not their pets need to get help. If you feel that your pets are violently sick, if you feel that they are not acting normally, or that there is something wrong, you should certainly get them to an urgent care center or a veterinary hospital to get them the care they need. With the right pet services your pets can feel better and can come back from injury or severe illness.

For those that live in the Fuquay Varina area, Hilltop Animal Hospital can help you to get the urgent care that your pets need no matter what is going on. We have a caring and loving staff that can make sure your pets are comfortable through every step of the process and that they have the best chance at recovery. For more information visit online.  


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  • "The best. Dr Scotty Gibbs always takes the time to comfort our dogs and us. Have gone there for years. Would not want to go anywhre else"
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