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Spay & Neuter Surgery at Hilltop Animal Hospital

Many pet owners know the importance of doing their part to keep pet overpopulation down.  By providing our pets, and even animals in feral colonies, with safe spay & neuter surgeries we help reduce the imbalance of not having enough loving homes for companion animals.  Hilltop Animal Hospital proudly serves pets and their human families in the Fuquay Varina, NC area.


Advantages of Spay & Neuter

Kittens and puppies are universally adored, and for good reason.  If your family has enough room in your heart and your home for more pets, this is a great chance to visit a shelter and rescue animals.

Companion animals need good homes as there aren’t enough to provide for existing animals, so bringing your pets to their veterinarian for spay & neuter surgery is a great way to help pets in general as well as your own. 

Going into heat can be uncomfortable and frustrating for them, especially if they are not allowed access to mates, and may make them territorial, more likely to fight or spray.  Particularly if you are a multiple-pet household, anything that can contribute to a calm and non-territorial atmosphere makes for a happier home!

We know our clients in the Fuquay Varina area love their pets, and the idea of surgery may make pet parents nearly as nervous as their furry family members. Hilltop Animal Hospital staff’s years of experience and passion for giving pets the best care will put you at ease.

Serving the Fuquay Varina Area With Innovative Techniques

Whether you are welcoming a new pet into your family, have not yet brought in your current pets for spay & neuter surgery, or are able to help members of a feral community, this simple and safe procedure is an important step for your pet’s health and well-being.  Hilltop Animal Hospital’s passion for giving pets the benefits of cutting-edge technology can make it even safer and easier!  

Sterilization surgery is straightforward, to begin with, carrying the minimum risk and a high success rate.  Neutering is minimally invasive.  Our veterinarian at Hilltop Animal Hospital studies recent developments in surgical techniques and offers minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery when possible, including spaying procedures. 

With laparoscopic surgery incisions are significantly smaller, resulting not only in less pain but a shorter recovery period.  Make an appointment with our veterinarian to discuss your pet’s specific case and determine which option will work best.

While spay & neuter surgery is a straightforward and safe procedure, always entrust your pet’s health to experienced professionals who help many pets every year!

Call Hilltop Animal Hospital in Fuquay Varina, NC, and make an appointment today!


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  • "The best. Dr Scotty Gibbs always takes the time to comfort our dogs and us. Have gone there for years. Would not want to go anywhre else"
    Sandy Brink
  • "Dr Gibbs & all the Staff at Hilltop are gifted, talented, caring, and amazing. It would be hard to find a better veterinary clinic."
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